Velocity Research adds Wireless Power Inventor to Distinguished Specialist Group: Ben Moes

October 5, 2020
October 5, 2020 Dugan Karnazes

Expert or Inventor? Pick Two

It brings me an incredible amount of joy to announce that Ben Moes has accepted an invitation to join our distinguished specialist category of engineers. Ben was one of several of my engineering mentors and it is an honor to have him in our specialist network.

Ben and I have a long working history together and he has established himself in the medical and wireless power industries as an expert, holding 18 granted patents in wireless power, electromagnetic shielding, and ultrasound.

Ben is one of the leading inventors of the Qi wireless power standard that is now ubiquitous in mobile phones having been adopted by Samsung and Apple. In 2011, Ben’s team won the Popular Science Best in Show at CES.

Ben is a design champion who uses his extensive background across multiple industries and disciplines to drive maximum value into the embedded electronics systems he creates.

He has spent his career in embedded system design with a focus on hardware design, IoT, wireless charging, and intellectual property. His roles have included R&D, product development, validation and reliability, and team lead. He has also worked across several industries including consumer, medical, and automotive. Ben’s passion is to drive value into his designs by finding the intersections of consumer needs, innovation, and core design principles.

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