Open Source Ventilator

Velocity Research’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Open Source Ventilator

Velocity Research joined the Ireland based Open Source Ventilator group to donate engineering resources, corporate partnerships, and volunteer efforts into addressing the global shortage of ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic. We helped organize to establish a brand new supply of PPE and medical supplies for hospitals, nursing homes, and under-served communities.

Our team is working directly with Spectrum Health, Hybrid Machining, Ford, Dorner Works, Disher, Digikey, Future Electronics, Altium, Open Source Ventilator, and others to designs, certify, and deploy a emergency ventilator in record time. A typical design iteration on this project is only 48 hours from concept to product thanks to the local companies and individuals we’ve partnered with to develop the design.

This project is a fine example of what is possible from the West Michigan community and is only feasible at this speed because of the agility of the partners we work with. We believe that together together we can always achieve more.

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