Our Story

Velocity Research was founded from a place of passion, vision and ambition. 

The idea of Velocity first started when I was in the corporate world. Many of my friends at the time dreamt of taking their side jobs and passion projects, and making that their full-time pursuit, but that’s not easy.

That’s where our story began. To help my friends pursue their passions, I developed a web platform that connected freelancers to local clients who could benefit from a refined professional skill-set.

With a vision of fostering community, Velocity’s platform supported everyone from local yoga coaches to up-and-coming graphic designers and seasoned engineers. Starting a new business was exhilarating (and terrifying), and despite the ups and downs, we were gaining speed. 

So were our engineers. Throughout the first year Velocity had crafted a team of ambitious up-and-coming engineers who took ownership and pride in their work. They became our competitive edge, and our focus moving forward. 

In January 2020 Velocity Research celebrated its successes, moved to a larger space and focused on growing our research group of passionate, community-minded and ambitious engineers. We work hard with a people-first approach to deliver top notch technology to local, national and international clients. 

That’s who we are, and we’re excited to see where it will take us next. 

Dugan Karnazes, Founder & CEO 


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